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Dillon Robertshaw:

The sun was rising on the Arkansas river. The Junior World Championship was underway. Here we are, my long-time fishing partner and me, taking off after two long days of practice.  It was time to put our new knowledge to work.

 After starting out in a relatively unproductive first spot, we moved on to our second spot.  We needed to make things happen.  As I started flipping, we worked down the bank dissecting every pile of cover in a slightly mediocre fashion. This week was the first time I had seriously flipped any type of cover. We made our way around a small sand point that lead to a laydown, which transitioned to a rock bank.  As a team, we continued to fish the brush piles. I flipped up to an isolated piece of grass that was standing out of the water--and it happened.  While focusing on my line, I noticed that it was going the wrong way. At this point, all my instincts kicked in.  I took a reel down and set it, hard.

Everyone who has caught a big large mouth knows when you set the hook and it doesn’t move, this means one of two things.  You either have your bait really stuck in a tree or you have a big one.  This time, I had a big one. I set the hook and this fish instantly wrapped itself around the trolling motor. With a bit of maneuvering, I got it out. During these few seconds, time stood still.  It felt like I had at least a six pounder on the end of my line. The fish couldn’t get in the net fast enough. Once the fish was in, my screaming started. If you have had the chance to fish with me, you will quickly learn that I love to scream when I have a fish on.  Last August when you heard screaming, that was me from Arkansas! This fish, along with the other key fish caught that day, helped Cody Miller and me become tournament leaders for days one and two at the TBF Junior World Championship. My partner and I were in the lead going into the final day of the championship.  Nothing could have been more exciting!

The beginning years of my fishing life

were primarily trout fishing in lakes,

ponds and streams.  I have always

enjoyed traveling to new places, learning

new techniques and meeting new anglers. 

Then, through a close friend, I found

Southern Colorado Junior Bass Club.

This club has developed me into the

fisherman I am today.

I am forever grateful for the opportunities

and lessons provided by SCJBC and the

leader Sam Heckman.  There are three

reasons I value being in SCJBC. First, the

leaders buddy the older, more

experienced youth with the younger youth

and or newer people.  This is helpful

because it creates a mentorship and

makes the club about having fun and

learning tips and tricks for catching fish. 

Everyone in the club is friends, supporting each other and growing up together.

Secondly, the leaders take the time to teach and make sure that you are able to catch a fish. There is nothing more exciting then feeling a tug on the end of your line!  As you fish, you learn the do’s and don’ts of catching fish. Equally important, you learn that fishing is about fun and not just about winning.  Yet the competition element is an exciting part of the club tournaments too, and it’s always great to see your teammates succeed. 

Lastly, competing at a high level is not easy. In the club, there are both youth and adults who are willing to share their competition experiences with you. They also serve as role models who can show you how to act when you are in the spotlight.  There are many parts to being successful in a big tournament, and with their help it is a positive experience. 

There are so many other great things about this club.  The top 4 reasons this club has been great for me is that I get to meet new people, we catch fish, we have fun in the outdoors, and we learn about how to be better people.  Being a member of the Southern Colorado Junior Bass Club lets me be part of a great team, and I look forward to seeing you all at the next meeting and tournament.  My only regret about joining is that I didn’t join earlier!

Author: Dillon Robertshaw    April 13, 2020