If you would like to become a member of Springs Bassmasters, There are two options available to you.

OPTION 1. Show up for any of our monthly club meetings, 6:00 PM, the first Wednesday of every month at Milicia Marine located at, 901 S. Santa Fe Ave, Fountain, CO.  There you can meet club members and the board and talk to them about the club.  If you are interested, you can fill out the membership form, pay your annual club dues in person and you are ready to fish!

OPTION 2.Just fill out the Member Registration form found on this page and click on the SUBMIT button. Next you will need to pay the annual dues using the Paypal BUY NOW payment button, and select the best option for the membership type you need.



Springs Bassmasters for TBF/FLW                       $100 (Club & TBF/FLW Membership

Springs Bassmasters (CLUB ONLY DUES)                  $30.00 (For current TBF/FLW through another club)

Colorado Bass Nation (CBN) - optional                      $53.00  (Must be an active B.A.S.S. member)